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60 DAYS: Laying the Foundation

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Ground Work and Colt Starting are now 60 Days!


Watch Rowdy Shea build the foundation of a variety of horses as he begins their first 60 days of training including groundwork, first rides and preparation for moving on to their future discipline. Some colts have had handling and some have not, bringing new challenges with every episode. This series is completely raw and unedited; we don’t remove the bumps. Colt starting, even on the smoothest days, never goes as planned. Rowdy shows you how to overcome each training obstacle to put on the most important ride in a horse’s career: the first ride, followed by the second.

Get access to this series for free for 7 days and only $14/month after the end of your trial. New episodes added weekly!


Rowdy Shea of Bowling Green, Kentucky is the host of the new Colt Starting Series, The First 60 and an up and coming country music artist.   

He brings a wealth of knowledge acquired by working for some of the industry’s leading horsemen in a variety of disciplines.  These horsemen include World Renowned Clinician and Competitor Josh Lyons, NRHA Trainer and Competitor Barry Haynes, NRHA Judge, Dean Latimer and Bradley Boyd, 2X’s world Champion Calf Roper.   

In addition to being a full-time cowboy, Rowdy began his music career in 2019.  Releasing his first single, Faster Horses in 2021.  His philosophy in music, as well as horses, is Christ centered and committed to building a strong foundation.   

“Soft hands create soft horses, to get the best possible answer for your question try to think like a horse. Do what the horse needs and not what you want. “ – Rowdy Shea

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