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Follow a variety of horses through their initial rides. This series is completely raw and unedited; we don’t remove the bumps. Colt starting, even on the smoothest days, never goes as planned. Dusty Whitford shows you how to overcome each training obstacle to put on the most important rides in a horse’s career. The first ride is the most important, followed by the second. 


Colt Starting is now 60 Days! Watch the latest episodes:

Get access to this series for free for 7 days and only $14/month after the end of your trial. New episodes added weekly!

Latest Colt Starting Episode


Dusty Whitford (Glen Rose, Texas) has been a professional colt starter for 25 years. He has developed a system for starting colts that eliminates human answers and relies on answers that come from the way horses think. 

6 years ago he began working for Hall of Fame trainers and began his career as a cutting and cow horse specialist. He has since seen finalists from his program in many major futurities. 

“Forward motion is the answer to 99% of Colt starting problems” -Dusty

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