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The world’s only video on demand website devoted entirely to the foundation of your horse. Taught by two-year-old specialists and competitors at the top of their field.

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8 raw, unedited series from top trainers. New videos every day.

Introducing the new co-host of reining fundamentals!

NRHA Professional, Emily Sgarrella grew up in the heart of the West Coast stockhorse tradition. She developed a passion for higher levels of horsemanship from the start. Later seeking out the help of some of the west coast’s top horsemen and later one of the east coast’s top reining horse coaches. Emily has developed a solid program based on correct horsemanship and developing a willing partner in the show pen. 

HORSEpro.tv provides raw, unedited training videos from two year old specialists and competitors at the top of their field. 

Because these training series are unedited, you get an honest look at how professional trainers overcome training hurdles and learn about the most important part of a horse’s career–the foundation.

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