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Watch Cody Patterson and Emily Sgarella take you through every aspect of training a young reining horse. The same exercises used on high caliber futurity reining horses are needed in the ranch versatility, cow horse or the trail. Most often what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is horsemanship. And this series takes you through all aspects of developing the willing handle every horse needs. 

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NRHA Professional, Emily Sgarrella grew up in the heart of the West Coast stockhorse tradition. She developed a passion for higher levels of horsemanship from the start. Later seeking out the help of some of the west coast’s top horsemen and later one of the east coast’s top reining horse coaches. Emily has developed a solid program based on correct horsemanship and developing a willing partner in the show pen. 



Cody Patterson is an NRCHA professional and California native who developed a deep appreciation for the cowhorse traditions of the west coat.

He spent 12 years working for several of the NRCHA and NCHA’s top trainers, both in California and Texas. 

In that time he has been fortunate to add several titles to his accomplishments including the 2014 Limited Open Bridle Reserve World Champion, 2015 Limited Open Hackamore top ten World Finals, 2015 Limited Open Hackamore Regional Reserve Champion, 2017 Heritage Days Classic Futurity Champion, and 2019 Limited Open Hackamore top ten World Finalist.

Cody started his own business three years ago and now operates out of the Best Kept Secret Ranch in Blanco, TX. He believes in creating a program that teaches a horse to try, be happy and willing to do its job, and still perform at a high level.

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