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Tune in to 5th generation cattle rancher Bret Dolan on Ranching Basics. He walks you through every aspect of cattle ranching, pasture management, ranch horse training and more. Bret stays up to date and innovative with his knowledge in an ever changing industry. 

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Bret Dolan of Hockley, Texas is the ranch manager for a progressive cattle operation that raises Corriente and Brangus cattle along with a band of high end ranch horses. 

He grew up on the cattle ranches of northern New Mexico and had the honor of learning traditional cowboy skills from some of the greatest cowboys and horsemen in history. Many generations of his family were cattle ranchers and carry on that legacy today. 

Bret blends the traditional skills of yesterday with today’s innovations.

“Ranching is in my blood, and I feel fortunate to have been raised in this lifestyle. I look forward to sharing with you.” – Bret Dolan

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