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Emily works a horse before its first futurity
Emily takes Super to exhibition and shows how she warms up and then how she works in her exhibitions.
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Principles Of Barrel Racing

Futurity barrel horse trainer Emily Necaise coaches horses through their first years of training and competition. This series shows you horses from their very first time on the pattern to horses that are actively competing. Emily takes an individualized approach to each horse and appreciates their strengths while recognizing their weaknesses to build a horse that is broke, confident and prepared for its job.

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Emily Necaise

Emily Necaise is a Mississippi native training out of Pilot Point, Texas where she rides colts for Highpoint Performance Horses and takes her own outside clients. She is the foundation trainer to the trainers starting futurity, derby and rodeo winners. Horses have gone on to Fallon Taylor, Kelsey Treharne, Joy Wargo, Sharin Hall, Marne Loosenort and more.
She apprenticed under the top names in barrel racing and put together her program based on the foundation of elevation, engagement, soft ribs and momentum. The horse industry knows it’s the two year old person who builds the winning foundation the top horses in the world possess. We couldn’t be more excited to have the barrel racing industry’s top foundation girl leading you through the barrel series. You’ll be able to follow her two year olds, first major crop of 3 year olds and the occasional older horse as she puts the top foundation program in the world on. In addition, get ready to watch her breakout futurity year!
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Emily works a horse at the beginning of its futurity year as she asks him to step up and get more speed. This horse struggles with taking too many steps around the back side of the barrel, so she focuses on getting him to speed up his steps and cross over in the front. She also shows how she uses roll backs to help a horse.
Emily works a filly that has been run at a few futurities and is more high strung. The horse tries to rush out of the turn which causes inefficiencies in the pattern. The work focuses on completing the turn relaxed and correctly.
Emily works a futurity filly that will run in the fall on the pattern. She focuses on staying relaxed and shows the horse what the job is on the pattern.
Emily continues the same work on the pattern with Pheobe but adds a counter arc to the figure eight she was doing previously to help her stay relaxed and finish her turns. Emily ends the work by letting her go through the pattern at a faster speed.
Emily brings a horse back to the pattern after she had been home on a break. After the first months of training Emily sends horses home and then brings them back a few months later. She evaluates what the horse remembers in this video.
Emily has a new horse in the barn with very limited rides. She works with on barrel to help him get more broke and give the horse something to focus on to get her cues tuned in to the maneuver she's asking for.
Emily starts working with a 5 year old that she held back and let grow into her body before competing. The mare has started exhibitions.
Emily focuses on getting a larger horse to get soft and break loose in the ribcage.
Emily works Super on a small pattern after recently changing him to the left barrel as his first barrel.
Emily works on getting a horse up off the front end and keeping the corrections together as she adds speed.
Emily takes Super to exhibition and shows how she warms up and then how she works in her exhibitions.
Emily works a horse before its first futurity

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