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A home for people who love the western way of life, built on honesty and camaraderie.

Building a community.

We are dedicated to building a group of people who share the same interests in an encouraging and supportive community.

Something for everyone.

Whether you live the western way of life or dream about it, we have training videos, family friendly entertainment series, informative articles and more to inspire your day or ride.

Honest & entertaining.

The team at HORSEpro provides a real, raw, and honest look into horse training and the western lifestyle. Enjoy real training and content from real people and trainers.

A HORSEpro.tv membership gets you access to exclusive video content including horse training videos series taught by industry experts that put the foundation on young horses each year that go on to excel on the world stage and grow into lifelong partners in the future.

Your membership costs $14 / month after a 7 day free trial.

New Series

At Liberty follows Liberty trainer Caitie Holtzman through her program. Learn how to apply Liberty methods to all disciplines! The Cow Lot follows one ranching family each season, highlighting the challenges of modern-day ranching.

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Raw, unedited series from top trainers.

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