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Making A Cowhorse

Reined Cow Horse is becoming one of the fastest growing events in the equine industry. Full of vaquero inspired tradition, the sport creates a well balanced horse that is broke and excels inside the show pen and out. Cody Patterson leads you through all aspects of training young horses preparing from their futurity year to a finished bridle horse. This series represents all of the cow work involved in the sport, while Cody’s other series Reining Fundamentals goes in depth into the reining.

About the Trainer

Cody Patterson

Cody Patterson is an NRCHA professional and California native who developed a deep appreciation for the cowhorse traditions of the west coat. He spent 12 years working for several of the NRCHA and NCHA’s top trainers, both in California and Texas. In that time he has been fortunate to add several titles to his accomplishments including the 2014 Limited Open Bridle Reserve World Champion, 2015 Limited Open Hackamore top ten World Finals, 2015 Limited Open Hackamore Regional Reserve Champion, 2017 Heritage Days Classic Futurity Champion, and 2019 Limited Open Hackamore top ten World Finalist. Cody started his own business three years ago and now operates out of the Best Kept Secret Ranch in Blanco, TX. He believes in creating a program that teaches a horse to try, be happy and willing to do its job, and still perform at a high level.
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Cody works Pam at the end of the 3 year old year on a cow and focuses on little things that he wasn't able to tune on in the middle of show season. He wants to work on the style and look of how she works.
Cody works coming three year old Stoney on a cow down the fence. He works on making him more responsible in the boxing and then takes him down the fence to get him tighter when he goes by the cow.
Cody works Dakota on a cow. He rates the cow around and focuses on getting Dakota to hook to the cow and take responsibility for his job more.
Cody recaps his last show and talks about how he focused on cutting more than the other events to prepare for the next show.
Cody works a 3 year old on a cow that has gotten tight off his legs on a cow and uses the cow to help give him opportunities to move the horse's front end.
Emily works on helping an older horse that was trained as a cutter to get comfortable running freely and stopping.
Emily works a bridle horse and goes through most of the reining maneuvers in a routine that keeps them guessing instead of anticipating. Older show horses start to know the general patterns of maneuvers they usually do, so mixing it up helps gain their attention and gets them listening to the rider.
Cowhorse trainer Cody Patterson goes through the fence work maneuvers on a horse that is on the duller side and tends to stay tight on a cow.
Cody has started his Derby horse in the hackamore and discusses how the hackamore works and how he has used it. He also goes into working on hinging with Pam at the trot and lope.
Cody shows how he can use a flag to help work on fence work.
Cody uses the flag to work on the look and form of a horse to fine tune for the show pen
Cody goes through a warm up routine on a young horse before takes them to the flag.

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