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Cutting Horses: The First Year

Two year old cutting and cowhorse specialist Dusty Whitford highlights the weekly training of two colts each year. Both colts are headed toward futurities in either the cowhorse or cutting, and he leads you through the training that sets the foundation for their performance horse careers.

About the Trainer

Dusty Whitford

Dusty Whitford (Glen Rose, Texas) has been a professional colt starter for 25 years. He has developed a system for starting colts that eliminates human answers and relies on answers that come from the way horses think. 6 years ago he began working for Hall of Fame trainers and began his career as a cutting and cow horse specialist. He has since seen finalists from his program in many major futurities. “Forward motion is the answer to 99% of Colt starting problems” -Dusty
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Dusty gets a new horse in at the conclusion of it's two year old and works it on a cow to see where the holes may be in the three year old year. The mare seems to be a little green in riding and is afraid of his hands. He works on being gentle and having good timing to help her on the cow.
Dusty works Ranch Mare out of the herd after getting her focus and attention on a single cow. She is very cowy and takes a little time to settle into the job.
Dusty works Ranch Mare on a cold day when she is reactive and over does everything. He works through the until she settles into working the cow.
Dusty works Queen L on the flag for the first time and shows how he gets them hooked and uses the flag to train them. He explains that smart and hotter horses are more willing to learn when there is a job to teach them why it's necessary to do certain maneuvers.
Dust works Ranch Mare on the flag while the outdoor pen is iced up. He focuses on getting her hooked and positioned..
Dusty starts Queen L on a cow and works on driving the cow, rating and releasing herinto the stop. Queen L showed him that she doesn't like to be soft and that she will push on a cow.
Dusty works Ranch Mare out of the herd with fresh cows in the big pen and works on getting her smart about position with the cow. Queen L works a cow in the big pen for the second time after a rougher work the previous day. He has a specific way to work her because she is hot and pushy and wants to put her shoulder on the cow. He uses forward motion to work through the tough spots.
Dusty works Ranch Mare on a fresh cow and then shows how he patterns her on a shocker cow afterward to keep her correct and hooked to a slower cow on a line. He works Eloise and shows the maneuvers required to start a horse on cows.
Dusty works through Ranch Mare having a very flat and unmotivated work. She had low desire to work a cow and Dutsy had to get through to her to end on a good note. Queen L is coming back after a rough day previously and goes back to very slow basics to teach her the job and the easiest way to accomplish it. He always gives some turn back tips.
Dusty works Queen L out of the herd and works on just keeping her relaxed. Oscar is introduced to the series and has his first day on a cow.
Dusty works on driving a cow around to tune up Ranch Mare after she has been working flat in the practice pen at a major show.
Dusty works Macie out of the herd.
Dusty works Eloise on the flag
Dusty starts working Ranch Mare flat
After moving, Dusty is back on Queen L working her out of the herd. He goes through her warm up and how he works with an opinionated and stiff horse.
Dusty introduces a new horse to the series, Rosie and gives a lesson to a non pro cowhorse rider on the flag.

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