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Cutting Horses: The First Year

Two year old cutting and cowhorse specialist Dusty Whitford highlights the weekly training of two colts each year. Both colts are headed toward futurities in either the cowhorse or cutting, and he leads you through the training that sets the foundation for their performance horse careers.

About the Trainer

Dusty Whitford

Dusty Whitford (Glen Rose, Texas) has been a professional colt starter for 25 years. He has developed a system for starting colts that eliminates human answers and relies on answers that come from the way horses think. 6 years ago he began working for Hall of Fame trainers and began his career as a cutting and cow horse specialist. He has since seen finalists from his program in many major futurities. “Forward motion is the answer to 99% of Colt starting problems” -Dusty
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In Season 8 we will follow the 2024 cutting career of three 2 year olds and a 4 year old in Dusty Whitford's program. These videos will show a weekly update on where the horses are at training wise and having a variety of different minded young horses will help develop solutions for horses at home.
Fancy is a 2 year old filly by The Animal. She is in Dusty's cutting program in 2024 and is receptive to learning and will be a great example for everyone at home to follow.
Rocker is a 2022 filly by Rocky Mountain Blues. She is a rockstar and likes to party. She has a lot of potential and will show some challenges that come along with spicy mares. Dusty is very excited to have this filly.
Slim is a 2022 graduate of Dusty Whitford's cutting horse program and was featured in the series in Season 6. After the futurity year with another trainer, Slim is back at Dusty's to prepare to take his owner to the amateur aged events this year. Slim is a heavy shouldered stud with a lot of feel. Watch
Hashgirl aka Hashbrown is a 2 year old filly by Hashtags. She is a thick built girl and slightly downhill. Dusty has found this breeding to have a heavier front end and he will show how to help her over the year move her front end and stay light.
Sven is a two year old colt by Once in a Blu Boon. He is big, strong and loaded with cow. Dusty spends a lot of time just getting him comfortable around cows and will spend the year keeping him correct and directing Sven's natural abilities to working a cow
Dusty works Slim on the shocker and focuses on getting his attention on the cow.
Dusty starts working Hashbrown on cows. He works out of a small herd and just drives the cow around.
Dusty introduces 2 year old Sven to cattle and shows progress with Slim.
Dusty starts working Sven out of the herd and keeps it nice and calm and slow. He also introduces Fancy and works her on her first cow.
Dusty focuses on foot work and body mechanics with Sven and Rocker
Dusty works on quietly taking the horses through the herd and building their confidence. He starts turning with the cows, but is more focused on letting them know they can control the cow out of the herd.
Dusty works on getting Hashbrown comfortable in the herd then works her on a single cow.
Dusty works Sven on a single cow
Dusty works Fancy on a sour cow and shows how it can still be beneficial in training.
Dusty works on hooking up with a cow in a show related way.

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