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Ranch Horse Versatility

Versatility Ranch Horse is the fastest growing event in the American Quarter Horse Association. It’s easy to see why with six events showcasing the very best of what exemplifies the stock horse; trail, pleasure, reining, cutting, fence work and conformation. Watch as Robert Rivers leads you through in depth training, show preparation and competition, with guest appearances from his wife, Rebecca, who is a non-pro rider.

About the Trainer

Robert Rivers

Robert Rivers (Elgin, Tx) will be your guide for VRH. Robert was raised using horses primarily for working cattle and team roping on their family ranch. He was first introduced to showing at Texas Tech University, while competing as a member of the ASHA National Champion Ranch Horse Team in 2009 and 2010. He later went on to coach the TTU Ranch Horse Team, while pursuing a Master’s degree from 2013-2015, and won the 2015 ASHA Collegiate National Championship. He has worked for rope horse, reining, and cow horse trainers, and now applies his own training program to versatility ranch horses, reined cow horses, and rope horses. Robert and his wife Rebecca compete in NRCHA, AQHA, SHTX, RHAA, and roping events. Rebecca will also be sharing some of her perspective and knowledge as a non-pro. Robert strives to build confidence in the horses he trains and the riders he coaches. “Competing in the arena can’t be the hardest thing your horse has ever done.”
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Robert gets a horse mentally and physically ready to work on trail obstacles.
Robert works on the bridge and serpentine obstacles with a greener trail horse.
Robert practices lope overs with a green trail horse and takes the opportunity to work on lope departures and lead changes.
Robert gets on a two year old on a cold day and works through her extra energy, bucking and lack of experience with trail obstacles.
Robert gets a young horse focused and works on spins and getting lope departures improved when the horse doesn't have a lot of forward motion. He ends the work with trail obstacles.
Robert works a gelding that is going to start showing in the bridle soon. He starts to introduce more vertical flexion and uses a gag bit with rope head piece and snaffle.
Robert reviews his fence work from a recent shoe and works a cow that is on the faster side. He felt like his horse had a little trouble in the show pen when things got really fast.
Robert works a mare on reining and lead departures and loping before he works her on a cow. She hasn't been worked on a cow in a while so he reintroduces her to cows and gets her in shape.
Robert works with an older horse that stops hard and needs help with staying loose and moving during stops.
Robert works a non pro horse that can get a little tense when running down in the show pen. He works on loping rectangles to help him stay relaxed.
Robert has a new horse in that has been off from roping for a while. He works on getting the mare softer in her body and listening to him. He scores and ropes dairy cows in preparation to have her ready to head off of later.
Robert has been teaching reining maneuvers to Dusty Whitford's two-year-old cutting graduate, Poquito, to get him prepared for the cowhorse futurity.
Robert works  a three year old in the roping pen to show how giving a job and a reason to get soft can help a horse that is more stiff.
Robert talks about the importance of getting a horse to stay between your reins and going in a direction and staying straight by guiding.
Robert works Flo, a filly from Dusty's program, and goes through the checklist of what he looks for in a horse that makes them a candidate for cowhorse training
Robert works with a reining horse that is transitioning from split reins to romels and learning to be more responsive.
Robert works reining horse on the flag, explaining that she has less cow and feel than horses bred for cutting or cow horse, so he tries to work on patterning her until the flag has meaning.
Robert helps his assistant work his horse on the flag.

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