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Jim starts introducing the saddle to Marmalade
Jim continues working with a new colt and works on introducing the saddle pad.
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Reining Fundamentals

Watch Jim Greendyk take you through every aspect of training a young reining horse. The same exercises used on high caliber futurity reining horses are needed in the ranch versatility, cow horse or the trail. Most often what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is horsemanship. And this series takes you through all aspects of developing the willing handle every horse needs.

About the Trainer

Jim Greendyk

Jim Greendyk has earned his reputation as one of Western Canada’s most successful riders, trainers and coaches of Reining Horses with a proven record of successfully competing in both Canada and the USA. In addition, Jim has the trust of International Clients from European countries who choose to leave their horses in Jim’s care to train and show.
As an Open Rider since the age of 20, Jim’s talent, tenacity, and adaptability in the show pen has brought him a successful training program.
Always ready to learn from others, Jim has and continues to ride with some of the industry’s best trainers in order to further his knowledge year by year. Jim expects a very high standard of performance from himself and his horses and has a timing and balance that has allowed him to rise quickly and consistently over the years to become one of the top reining trainers in Western Canada, achieving success on Arabs, Half Arabs and Quarter Horses. Since his start in the Porcupine Hills of Southern Alberta, he has taken everything that anyone has ever taught him and elevated it to the next level to move himself and his horses up through the industry.
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Jim introduces a green horse that is a little behind compared to others of the same age. Jaeger is a stud that has a good mind and seems to be able to take the pressure of learning to get ready to show this year. He works on circles and basic brokenness in this session.
Jim brings Jaeger out and works on shoulder control and stopping confidently. He has worked him in a correction recently but mentions that the horse is feely about his face so he hasn't been riding him in it as often as Vincent. Jaeger is also being a little pushy and leaning his shoulders on the rider.
Jim works on tuning an older show horse and keeps him honest about following his hands and moving his body parts.
Jim works a two year old and ground drives him for the first time. He goes over setting up the ground driving reins and then how he works the colt.
Jim works a new young horse that has been with him for a week and he focuses on evaluating where he is in training and developing a stop on a young horse.
Jim shows how he prepares to get on a colt with lunging.
Jim works Rook through guiding, loping and backing.
Jim uses lunging to get a strong and pushy barrel horse to confidently respect his space and get softer.
Jim starts with lunging a new colt and evaluating what problems may arise later on down the road.
Jim works on handling and beginning the saddling process.
Jim continues working with a new colt and works on introducing the saddle pad.
Jim starts introducing the saddle to Marmalade

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