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S3E16: Dozer Part 3

Dusty further prepares Dozer for his first ride by introducing the bridle. His goal for today is to not only teach lateral flexion, but to also teach the young horse to follow his nose. He does this by demonstrating different techniques he uses to teach a horse to move its nose and shoulders forward in […]

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S3E15: Dozer Part 2

For session two of ground work, Dusty saddles Dozer for the first time. After reiterating respect and direction on the lunge line, Dusty talks through his previous few sessions of desensitizing, and then he proceeds to saddle the young colt. […]

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S3E14: Dozer Part 1

It’s day one of ground work for Dozer, a stud colt by Hickory Holly Time. Dusty’s plan for today is to teach the young horse respect, personal space, and focus by getting him to join up. Dusty also plans to teach the horse to go forward, stop, and change direction while on the lunge line. […]

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