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Thank a Cowboy

Thank a Cowboy

Written By Jenny Kent - Jenny and Tyler live on a small farm in Northwest Louisiana with their 3 kids

Growing up with horses-rodeoing and having a few roping calves-I thought that was “cowboy.” I thought I understood this way of life.

But that’s a sport.  And this is different.

There’s no buckle at the end of the day and no championship on the line.  Hell, there’s hardly even a “thank you” for him on many days.

There’s just him and a bunch of other really hard working men, feeding America one cow at a time.

He starts before daylight every day.  He ends way after dark.  He gets calls all hours of the day and night—“We’ve got cattle out.” “We need this set worked.” “That bull needs doctored.” “Can you buy this?” “Can you haul that?”

This is showing up when you’re exhausted.

This is never having a day off.

This is people saying “have you worked much lately?” when in reality you’ve barely seen your family or had time to sit down to a decent meal.

This is figuring weight without a scale and prices without a market report.

This is finishing an entire job before many people have had their morning coffee.

This is being glad to see the broncs leave and sad to see the good ones go out to pasture after an injury that shut them down way too soon.

This is strong hands and never ending back pain.

This is putting your own herd last so you can take care of others and put some money in your pocket.

This is your kids being proud to have cow poop and mud on their pants “just like Tyler.”

This is 105 degree days, rain, sleet, snow and ice.

This is tires, trucks, dogs, feed, hay, tractors, and most importantly….fixing fences.

But they do it because they love it.  Or maybe sometimes because it’s all they know.  And that’s a good thing.

Because without good men like this one, the world would be a much different place.

So when you pass by a pasture of mamas grazing beside their babies, enjoy a hamburger with your family, or see an old man with broken hands and a dirty straw hat….take a minute to be thankful for cowboys.  There’s so much more that goes into this than most people will ever get to see.

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