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S3E10: Playgirl Part 5

Day five of ground work for Playgirl consists of Dusty further preparing Playgirl for her first ride. He reiterates the desensatizing techniques he has used on the young horse as well as the lateral flexing and guiding with the bridle that he did in the last episode. Once she’s ready, Dusty explains the concept of […]

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S3E9: Playgirl Part 4

For day four of ground work for Playgirl, Dusty further works to desensatize the young filly while sasddled. He uses his leggings to teach the young horse how to accept and think through things that make noise and flap around. After sacking out the young horse, Dusty introduces Playgirl to the bridle and teaches her […]

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S3E8: Playgirl Part 3

Day three of ground work is saddle day for Playgirl. Dusty explains how horses learn from the release of pressure and sometimes a young horse needs more repetition than others before they understand their job. He then talks through the process of desensatizing a young horse to the pressure of being saddled for the first […]

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S3E6: Playgirl Part 1

It’s day one of ground work for two year old Playgirl. Dusty’s plan for this session is to start with the basics of pressure addition and release to teach the young filly to lunge. Dusty then proceeds with getting the young horse desensatized to the saddle pad and lattigo. […]

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